Albert Wuokko award 2017 to professor Heikki Ruskoaho

Most outstanding pharmaceutical doctoral thesis awards 2016-2017

Elisa Lazaro Ibanez from University of Helsinki with the thesis titled "Extracellular vesicles: prospects in prostate cancer biomarker discovery and drug delivery"

Laura Hellinen from University of Eastern Finland with the thesis titled "Melanin binding and drug transporters in the retinal pigment epithelium: insights to retinal drug delivery"

Mirja Palo from Åbo Akademi University with the thesis titled "Design and development of personalized dosage forms by printing technology"

Most outstanding pharmaceutical research article 2016-2017 award

Miina Ruokolainen, Elisa Ollikainen, Tiina Sikanen, Tapio Kotiaho and Risto Kostiainen: Oxidation of tyrosine-phophopeptides by titanium dioxide photocatalysis. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 138 (2016) 7452

The Finnish Pharmaceutical Society is a scientific society founded in 1887, with coverage of the whole country. The aim of the society is to promote the pharmaceutical sciences, pharmaceutical research and the applications of these in Finland. The society allocates also grants and awards for individual researchers.

The society arranges lectures, discussions or courses concerning the recent developments in the area of pharmaceutical research and other current topics related to the field. The society is actively cooperating with the other national and international societies working in the same area of interests.

The society is also a member society of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.