Call for applications for research grants

The Finnish Pharmaceutical Society is pleased to announce the opening of the call for applications for research grants. The application period for the grants is 1.5.-31.5.2023. and during the application period personal grants can be applied for doctoral studies aiming at a PhD degree. Grants will not be awarded to postdoctoral research. The grant decisions are made by the board of the Finnish Pharmaceutical Society and the grant recipients will be notified by latest at the beginning of September. The grant period may begin at the end of 2023 or in 2024, but the grant must be used in full by the end of 2024. The grants can be applied during 1.5.-31.5.2023 through an application form 1.5.-31.5.2023.

The grant recipient is expected to provide a written clarification on the use of the grant within three months after the grant period.


The Finnish Pharmaceutical Society has awarded the following grants in January 2023. The society received 78 applications during the grant application period.

Travel grants

•Iina Annala, University of Helsinki, 2000 €: Gordon research conference "Excitatory synapses in brain function"

•Dmytro Gerasymchuk, University of Helsinki, 900 €: EMBO Workshop "Non-coding RNA medicine"

•Atte Junnila, University of Helsinki, 850 €: PSSRC symposium

•Rathna Mathiyalagan, Åbo akademi, 1500 €: EUFEPS Annual Meeting 2023

•Julia Monola, University of Helsinki, 2100€: ISEV 2023 Annual Meeting

•Emilia Mäkinen, University of Helsinki, 1000 €: FIP, Brisbane, Australia

•Rubén Pareja Tello, University of Helsinki, 2500 €: Controlled Release Society (CRS) Annual meeting & Exposition

•Tea Pihlaja, University of Helsinki, 550 €: SETAC (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry) Europe 33rd Annual Meeting

•Iiro Rautsola, University of Helsinki, 1000 € MicroTAS2023, October 2023 in Katowice

•Agnese Rönngård-Jalkanen, University of Eastern Finland, 900 €: Nordic Social Pharmacy Conference 2023

•Sven Sakson, University of Helsinki, 2200 €: Neurotrophic Factor Functions in Development, Plasticity, Regeneration and Disease

Congress grants

•17th Annual FinPharmaNet meeting, 12-13.6.2023, Kuopio, 4000 €.

•6th Finnish Brain Tumor Research Association (FIBTRA) Meeting 2023, 12-13.10.2023, Kuopio, 1000 €.

EUFEPS Annual meeting, group registration

EUFEPS (European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences) offers a special group registration for the Annual meeting "Lisbon 2023, at the edge of Europe and Science" for their Member-Societies. For at least 25 registrations there will be a 20% reduction on the participant fee.

The registration must be performed through a special registration link. The societies must inform EUFEPS the names of the participants the latest on 31st of March to get the special price. Please contact the secretary of the Finnish Pharmaceutical Society (, if you are planning to participate in the annual meeting, and are interested to join the group registration. For more information about the conference:

Albert Wuokko Award 2022

The Finnish Pharmaceutical Society has awarded the Albert Wuokko prize of 2022 to PhD Otto Kari. In his PhD thesis "Non-invasive analysis of liposome protein corona structure and composition in a single label-free workflow” Dr. Otto Kari developed novel methods to study the protein corona of liposomes. The workflow introduced by Dr. Otto Kari will allow studying of “hard” and “soft” coronas in a single workflow for the first time and improve the development of safer and more efficient nanoparticle based drugs.

The prize is 4000 euro.

Congratulations for this great achievement!

Research and travel grants

The Finnish Pharmaceutical Society has awarded following grants in 2022:

Research grants:

• Dmytro Gerasymchuk, University of Helsinki, 12 000 €: Lykopeenin, uuden Parkinsonin taudin lääkekandidaatin, vaikutukset alfa-synukleiinin aggregaatioon

• Milla Lindström, University of Eastern Finland, 12 000 €: Uusien SurA inhibiittorien kehittäminen antibioottiresistenttejä gramnegatiivisia bakteereja vastaan

• Farnaz Shokraneh, Åbo Akademi, 9000 €: In vitro and in silico studies of teratogenic 7-dehydrocholesterol reductase inhibition (INSIDE7)

Travel grants:

• Gabriella Antignani, University of Helsinki 2800 €: American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ASGCT)

• Laura Giorgi, University of Helsinki 1800 €: 91st European Atherosclerosis Society congress (EAS)

• Elina Harju, University of Helsinki 1200 €: The 18th Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium

• Shuai Ke, University of Helsinki, 1850 €: 17th International Conference on Parkinson (ICP)

• Elle Koivunotko, University of Helsinki, 1600 €: 7th International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid and Nanomaterials

• Sonja Korhonen, University of Eastern Finland 1600 €: Globalization of Pharmaceutics Education Network (GPEN)

• Riccardo Provenzani, University of Helsinki 1500 €: Globalization of Pharmaceutics Education Network (GPEN)

• Sofia Ranta-aho, University of Eastern Finland 700 €: 23rd European Association for Vision and Eye Research (EVER) Congress

• Salvatore Russo, University of Helsinki 600 €: The European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ESGCT) Annual Congress

• Annika Valtari, University of Eastern Finland 1600 €: Globalization of Pharmaceutics Education Network (GPEN), Minneapolis

Congress grant:

• 16th Annual Pharmaceutical Solid State Research Cluster (PSSRC) Symposium, Helsinki, 20-22.6.2022 (Applicant Clare Strachan): 2000 €.

Best article award 2022

Best article award, 500 €, has been given to:

Tuuli Karhu, Heikki Ruskoaho, Virpi Talman

Distinct Regulation of Cardiac Fibroblast Proliferation and Transdifferentiation by Classical and Novel Protein Kinase C Isoforms: Possible Implications for New Antifibrotic Therapies

Molecular Pharmacology, volume 99, pages 104-113 (2021)


Study awards

The Finnish Pharmaceutical Society has awarded the study awards to MSc. Heidi Mikkola (University of Helsinki), MSc. Laura Latvala (University of Eastern Finland), and BSc. Amanda Mansner (Åbo Akademi). Congratulations!

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